Welcome to the Duroque experience. A place where you will be mesmerized by the relevancy, luxury, detail, and trendiest customized modern furniture and complimentary accessories around. Once you step into this intimate showroom in Los Angeles, CA you will feel and see exactly what we mean. We are located and housed on Robertson Boulevard in the heart of West Hollywood. Otherwise known as the elite retail locale for homeowners, businesses, celebrities, and socialites. Over the years Duroque has built exclusive relationships with premier vendors. We stand behind quality as offered through a careful selection of American made and worldwide products and manufacturers. Membership has benefits and privileges that we graciously pass on to all of our clients. Duroque offers unique mediums of sophistication, chic and sexy, elegance, and edgy designs tailored to meet the needs and ideals of all of our clients.

Our signature has never been more relevant and enticing than it is right now. Olga Rechdouni is the founder and owner of Duroque. Born into a family of entrepreneurs from the design, architecture, and real estate industries; her business experience and savvy interior design expertise make for a recipe of success. Come in today and see for yourself.

We offer customized modern sofas, contemporary sectionals, coffee tables, accessories, area rugs, mirrored furniture, platform beds, dining tables, contemporary lighting, baroque furniture and patio design. To complement our pet loving clientele we even offer a Duroque exclusive line of customized luxury pet furniture and dog beds inspired by the work of all of our local rescue agencies.